Vertical Cylinder Boring Machine Zara Series

(Complete with Standard and Optional Equipments)

Vertical Cylinder Boring Machine
Model: ZARA-20, ZARA-30


ZARA - 20        

ZARA - 30

Boring Diameter range


30 to 200


Boring Length, maximum

mm 500  

Boring Spindle speeds

RPM 160 to 580 Stepless  

Head Feed per rev.

mm 0.06 0.12 0.18  

Head Travel

mm 650  

Useful Table Area

mm 1470 X 460

(1770 X 460)

Longitudinal Table travel

mm 1200  

Cross Table Travel

mm 125  

Spindle Axis to column

mm 365  

Height, Table to ZB2

mm 165 to 715  

Height, Table to ZB3

mm 100 to 650  



Electric Motor, main


Motor, Head rapid




Dimensions approx.


Weight Approx.



ZB1 Boring Equipment, Range: 42--68 mm

ZB2 Boring Equipment, Range: 66--100 mm

ZB3 Boring Equipment, Range: 93--152 mm

ZB4 Boring Head       , Range: 145--210 mm

Micrometers for Tool setting     1-No.


Bore Centering attachment (ZB2, ZB3, ZB4)

Cutting Tools for Boring and Chamfering

Spacer Blocks, height = 130 mm, 2-Nos.

Spacer Blocks, height = 175 mm, 2-Nos.

Job Holding Fixtures, 2-Nos.

Clamps with bolts, 4-Nos.

T-slotted Bolts, M16  12-Nox.

Table Guards and Slide dust Covers


CBM-201  Universal Fixture for V-Type Engine Blocks

CBM-202  Device for Tool Sharpening and Lapping

CBM-203  Diamond Disc for Tool Lapping

CBM-204  Set of Carbide Boring Tools 6-Nos.

CBM-205  Bore Centering Attachment for ZB1

CBM-206  Cylinder - Liner Boring Attachment

Please specify colour and voltage of your choice along with the extra equipments at the time of placing an order.
All data, weight and dimensions are not fix and can be modified without prior notice.