Crankshaft Grinding Machine Dany-01

(Complete with Standard and Optional Equipments)


Bed: One piece, slosed-grain special casting, ribbed, stress relieved and seasoned. Flat and prismatic guide ways hand-scraped or ground.

Table: Slanted & ground top, manual or electric traverse, coarse & fine.

Lubrication: roller-baths and forced central lubrication pump system.

Counter Weights: Outboard, sliding type with extra weights for heavy jobs.

Workheads: quick setting four-way fine movement, 360° index Plate, micrometric swing, spindles enclosed in special quills.

Wheelhead:  precision roller & ball or babbited bearing supported spindle, closed lubrication. Manual & hydraulic traverse on all models.


DANY - 01

Max. Distance between chucks

750   mm

Swing over table

410   mm

Stroke (offset of heads)

70   mm

Max. Weight of crankshaft, approx

65   kg

Diameter of thru chucks mounted.

130   mm

Workhead rotation speeds

65-93-128   RPM

Diameter of grinding wheel

510   mm

Wheel spindle electric motor

2.25   kW

Workhead electric motor

0.75 kW

Hydraulic pump electric motor

0.75 kW

Coolant pump electric motor

0.25   kW

Approx. Weight of Machine

2600  kg

Approx. Length of Machine, overall

2200   mm

Approx. Width of Machine, overall

1270   mm

Approx. Height of Machine, overall

1295   mm



FH200105  Electric motors and complete control panel

FH20010E  Spare wheel coupling (Flange)

FH200205  Coolant tank and electric pump complete

FH20020E  Wheel radius dresser with diamond nib

  FH200305  Pair of thru chucks mounted on machine

FH20030E  Automatic continuous sizing gauge

  FH200405  One straightening gauge with dial       indicator

FH20040E  Extra grinding wheels, specify thickness

  FH200505  One wheel coupling mounted on machine with grinding wheel 

FH20050E  Diamond nib  for wheel dressing

FH200605  Wheel balancing stand with arbor

All data. weight and Dimensions are not binding and can be modified without prior notice.

FH200705  One steady rest

FH200805  Grinding wheel dressor

FH200905  Splash guards

Please specify colour and voltage of your choice along with the extra equipments at the time of placing an order.
All data, weight and dimensions are not fix and can be modified without prior notice.